PayPal now available

Affiliates with accounts in the following currencies can now select PayPal as their chosen payment method.

GBP - British Pounds
AUD - Australian Dollars
BRL - Brazilian Reals
CAD - Canadian Dollars
CZK - Czech Koruny
DKK - Danish Kroner
EUR - Euros
HKD - Hong Kong dollars
HUF - Hungarian Forints
ILS - Israeli New Shekels
JPY - Japanese Yen
MYR - Malaysian Ringgit
MXN - Mexican Pesos
TWD - New Taiwan Dollars
NZD - New Zealand Dollars
NOK - Norwegian Krone
PHP - Philippine Pesos
PLN - Polish Zlotys
RUB - Russian Roubles
SGD - Singapore Dollars
SEK - Swedish Kronor
CHF - Swiss Francs
THB - Thai Baht
TRY - Turkish Liras
USD - US Dollars

PayPal is a fast, easy to use and safe method of transfer, and many of you will likely already have an account set up.

If you wish to use PayPal to receive your earnings, simply login to and choose My Account, Add Payment Method and fill in your PayPal details.

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